July 30, 2011

Malian Wax Print Fabric

So I finally took myself to not one, but two markets to buy some fabric.

And I negotiated some pretty good prices all by myself!

Instead of 4,500 CFA per meter, I paid between 4,000 - 6,000 CFA for six meter pieces, which is what Malians pay!

I'm ready to pick up my degree in Market Negotiations, thank you very much!

I know I got a lot of blues, but the alternatives (bright greens, yellows and oranges) are a bit  too bright for my taste.

Although these leafy purple butterflies are lovely.

And these bird flying out of the cages is my absolute favorite!

I ordered it a month ago and I finally just picked it up yesterday!

What should I make with all of this fabric? 

1 comment:

JUST ME said...

An apron.

Adorable aprons will never go out of style. And you can sneak them into Anthropologie and charge $60 for them.