June 10, 2011

Weekley(ish) Photo Essay: The World Of The Highline

My friend Will and I had plans yesterday to see a play that one of our friends had written and another friend was starring in.But the play wasn't until nine, Will got off work at five, and I was sitting around all day "working" from home and catching up on Dexter.

So when Will suggested that we get together after work to take a walk down the newly expanded Highline Park (and amazing elevated park built on an old train overpass which runs from West 30th St. to Little West 12th St, cutting through several buildings) I was totally game. (read more about it here)

But when we got to the entrance on West 30th we noticed a parking lot filled with giant, very bizarre, inflatable balls and mushrooms. So we had to go investigate. Aside from multiple inflatable balls and other shapes, there was a giant inflatable mushroom which doubled as a bouncy house. This inflatable wonderland led us to discover a temporary summer Biergarten under the north end of the park (which featured wine on tap, a lobster roll cart, and a taco cart), and thus began our afternoon Highline Adventure, which ended at the second Biergarten, below the Little West 12th St. entrance, at the Standard Hotel.

But words don't do it justice. See for yourselves!

Will furiously pushing a giant beach ball

The giant inflatable mushroom bouncy house!
Inside the giant mushroom bouncy house

The gift shop was an actual box with hinges and everything!

The view from the Highline

Modern Art bird houses

A billboard of a photo of the highline

Beautiful stained glass windows (that were actually green
but turned up different colors using different filters) in one
of the buildings that the overpass runs through.

A little "fountain" for people to dip their feet

Sun chairs on wheels which you can slide up and down the tracks!

The Biergarten at the Standard Hotel

And the busboys in Lederhosen t-shirts


This is why I love New York City.

What's your reason?

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Jamie said...

OMG!! I've been wanting to go there for so long. Now it looks like I REALLY have to go! Awesome!