June 12, 2011

Weekley(ish) Photo Essay: A Day At The Races

Yesterday I went to the Belmont.

For those of you who aren't familiar, the Belmont is a horse race--like the Kentucky Derby or the Preakness--at Belmont Park in Nassau County, NY, right outside of Queens.

Unfortunately, yesterday it was rainy, drizzly, foggy and cold, which meant that the track was hard to see, most people were crowded under the balconies, and we couldn't sit out on the grass. But it also meant that a lot of people didn't show up, so the event was a lot less crowded than it could have been, which was nice for getting around.

And the inclement weather failed to deter anyone from donning spiffy race track appropriate outfits. The crowd was a sea of hats, fascinators, bow ties, summer dresses, wedges, boat shoes and pastel seersucker. An was an unusual cross between hipster and Martha's Vineyard, the event was so quintessentially New York.

Both horses we (my friend Amanda and I) bet on lost, unfortunately, but they did have awesome names (JustAroundMidnight and StayThirsty), and we learned a little something about horses racing and better in the meantime.

A Day At The Races

Will is very pleased with his sandwich

Some of my favorite gentlemen.
Looking dapper despite the notable absence of bow ties, boat shoes and seer sucker.

Amanda and I are gleeful about something!

My hat looks great on everyone!

All the girls. Notice my cocked head so as to not blind anyone with my giant hat.
$5 to win on JustAroundMidnight, who came in 4th :(

Race 11

$2 to win on StayThirsty, who came in 2nd :(
We should have bet to place.
Getting really excited about StayThirsty coming in second!

We didn't win any money, but I'm pretty sure I won Biggest Hat At The Belmont.

Quite a turnout, despite the rain.

A friendly bike cop took this picture. Quite the photographer!

And now for some hats!

This lady's hat was out of control. There were flowers and feather ALL over it!

And her husband glued a stuffed pony to his hat. Quite the pair!

I'm not sure he got the memo about pastel seersucker and boat shoes.


This lady glued a little toy horse farm to her hat.

Maybe they were friends?

This woman mistook the Belmont for a wedding.

Have you ever been to a the races?

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