June 15, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday On A Bus

{one} what color best describes you + why?
Well, I wear a lot of black and white, and green is my favorite color. But I would say a color that best describes me is probably a sunny yellow. I'm an incurable optimist.
{two} how have you changed in the past year?
I've grown quite a bit, especially in terms of deciding what I want to do with my life. I've also changed cities for the third time in as many years, made tons of new friends, and created a whole new New York. I'd definitely say this year has been transitional.

{three} have you ever had any surgeries?
I had oral surgery to have four impacted wisdom teeth taken out.

{four} why did you start your blog?
Because I was living across an ocean from most of my friends and family and I got tired of writing update emails to everyone, so I put all my news in one place. Then it sort of morphed into its own thing.

{five} what are you looking forward to this summer?
I'm going Mali in 10 days! I'm so excited, but also a bit nervous!

{six} do you have any family traditions for the 4th of July?
I think I've spent exactly two 4ths of July in the US in my whole life (I'm always in Italy in July), so I have no traditions to speak of.

{seven} what’s something new that you’ve tried in the past few months?
Well, I made a dress from a pattern. That was new and pretty hard. I also started walking to school, now that I have the time, and it's a great workout! 50 blocks in each direction, and I can take different streets every time.

{eight} what is the perfect a/c temperature?
I don't know, low 70s? I'm never in charge of the AC.
{nine} what was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Bridesmaids. It was amusing.

{ten} what song do you think everyone should hear at least once?
Air on the G String, by Bach
Shine On You Crazy Diamond, by Pink Floyd


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