June 7, 2011


These days, 


I'm not sure why. I'm leaving for Mali in three weeks, and I have tons to do before then. I'm working on stuff for the journal, redecorating the office, and I'm even (supposed to be) helping my friend start funding his new non-profit.

The weather is amazing. I should be thrilled that it's sunny but not too hot--the perfect weather for running--and I live right next to Central Park.

But I'm so unmotivated.

It's even a pain for me to talk to the post office, which is on the corner, to mail some documents for my internship. It's almost like I have so much free time to do everything that I need to do, that I feel no pressing urge to do any of it immediately, but then I end up doing nothing.

I got back from Cambridge on Sunday and I haven't even finished unpacking yet. For shame!

I think I just need to get up, walk out the door, and snap out of my uninspired funk. But I'm not sure where to start.

How have you  been managing your time off this summer?

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