May 17, 2011

A Little Obsessed

Lately I've been a little obsessed with dresses like these:

I love the lace overlay and the vintage style and I find these dresses so pretty for fancy summer events.

I bought some fabric to make one--a nude stretch lace with a champagne satin for the lining--but I'm having trouble finding a pattern for the dress I'm picturing in my mind.

Does anyone know of a good pattern for a tank dress (for the lace overlay) that I could combine with a pattern for a full-skirted strapless sweet-heart neckline dress (for the the satin lining) to make something like this, but more fitted, and with lace covering the whole skirt as well:


*all images via google image search and modcloth*


Amy said... I'm obsessed! Goodness! I think I'm in love with each one of those fabulous dresses. I'm gonna hafta go online shopping soon...

Maureen said...

OH my goodness I am looking to make the exact same type of dress! I was just thinking I'd be able to find a strapless A-line dress pattern and a boat-neck pattern and sort of combine them, but I haven't started looking yet, and I'm sad to see that you have been looking and haven't found anything. :( That last dress is so, so similar to my wedding dress, but the skirt was long and had a train. But I love the neckline and wanted to make a similar black cocktail dress. Post if you find something, pretty please?

Julia said...

Maureen, I finished the dress! I'm just making the sash and I'll post photos soon! If you leave me your email, I'll send you the pattern I used for it!