May 7, 2011

50% Done With Grad School!

Yesterday I wrote my last exam, closing the book on my first year of grad school.

It has gone by so fast!

It seems like yesterday that I was thrilled to have gotten accepted, and so excited about starting the year with all my new friends...

And now it's already over.

I'm a little sad--although not about being done with exams--and I'll definitely miss all my school friends over the summer while we're all flung around the four corners of the earth for our internships. But I am very excited for Spring, which seems like it's finally here to stay, and I'm very much looking forward to giving my brain a little break! 

I'm home for the weekend--to spend Mother's day with my wonderful mother--but then it's back to New York for a flurry of end of the year celebrations, graduation, and preparing for my trip to Mali.

Right now I'm just going to have a glass of champagne and a delicious steak with my mom (a little post-end of the year/pre-mother's day celebration if you will), relax, and enjoy the fact that I'm no longer studying for econ.


Jen said...

wow, I remember when you were just starting the year too! it did fly by. wishing you a strong finish and a safe trip to Mali. :)

Des said...

I remember the post when you were accepted into grad school. You were so happy. Well, i'm feeling fired up right now because i was accepted into grad school and i'm excited to start classes in the fall. I'm not excited about the costs though! lol. Wow, are these schools crazy? It's so expensive.

Congratulations on finishing your first year!