April 18, 2011

You Can Thank Me Later

I'm a busy busy bee this week, between two final group projects, my mom coming to town, and SIPA Follies (more on this later).

But I thought I'd take a short break from my econ homework (Damn you, macroeconomics. Damn you) to bring you an AH-mazing video.

Seriously. I think I've watched this at least five or six times today, and I'm nowhere near done.

You can thank me later!


Crystal said...

Okay that was pretty darn cute!!!

Amanda said...

lovelovelove...penguin giggles! :)

Jules said...

That was so cute! I loved the little noise the penguin was making! I actually saw the video posted on my friend's fb profile before, but didn't stop and look. And now, it's here... I must have been meant to see it lol :-)

Katelyn said...

Too cute! I can also agree with you on that econ! Luckily I got into accounting instead!