April 11, 2011

SIPA Gala at Capitale

Last Friday was our "SIPA Gala", or as other people like to affectionately call it, "SIPA Prom."

It was the annual fancy-shmancy dance for our graduate program - black tie - with all the girls in pretty dresses and gowns and all the boys in pretty suits and tuxedos.

I'm not sure where it was last year, but this year we had it in Capitale, one of the most elegant and luxurious venues in New York City.

Originally built in 1893 as The Bowery Savings Bank, Capitale has since been converted into a venue for elegant events. It has a beautifully decorated vaulted ceiling, gold Corinthian columns, and a giant dance floor.

Here is it all dressed up for a wedding

We were thrilled to be able to have our Gala here, and our amazing student association did the venue justice by organizing a wonderful event with a champagne reception, a fully catered dinner, and all night open bar with top shelf drinks.

The Steering Committee (with a few faces missing)
The Human Rights Ladies

Rhiannon's fancy shoes and fancy date

A pretty people sandwich!

I heart Champagne!

The Attack of the Brunettes in Black Dresses on the Colorful Blonde!

Cheers! To no one in particular...

And this is when the camera got put away and the dancing got started.

I had such a wonderful time (and even though I didn't take advantage of the buffet dinner as much as I could have, I certainly took advantage of the free-flowing champagne!) and I cannot wait to go to Gala again next year. Athough it'll be a bit bittersweet because I'll have one month of school left instead of one year.

Thanks to SIPASA for putting on such a wonderful evening!

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Amanda said...

we have "law prom" too, real name "Barrister's Ball" super corny, ha!
:) Looks like fun!