March 24, 2011

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Tulate, Guatemala

On Sunday we took another four-hour journey (this time two two-hour bus rides with a convenient bathroom break in the middle) to the Pacific coast to a little town and attached island called Tulate.

We came equipped with a tent to that Lee and Royer (her boyfriend) could camp out on the beach, but the tent wasn't quite big enough, so Barbara and I got a room at a very interesting (to say the least) hotel on the island, decorated with plaster ducks and other animals.

We explored the beach a bit before dinner, taking action photos in front of the sunset, and discovering that the island was literally overrun with pigs chowing down on coconuts.

That night we had a delicious dinner of grilled fish and shrimp ceviche at a local comedor (eatery), and then we set up the tent and built a campfire on the beach, burning coconut shells (the wood we'd been given was fairly damp) and torn up egg cartons, listening to Manu Chao on my ipod and tiny portable speakers.

In the middle of the night (which turned out to only be about 11pm, but Barbara and I were a bit confused about time that day) the hotel attendant knocked on our window shouting about a burning house. So we ran up to the roof to see a thatch hut house across the street burning to the ground!

The next morning the same shady hotel attendant woke us up at 8:30, yelling about it being 11:30 and time to check out, so Barbara and I, for some reason trusting the hotel attendant more than the time on our cell, rushed to get ready and head to the beach, thinking it was midday, when it was barely 9 in the morning.

But in the end it worked out because we had more time to relax and drink delicious coconut water straight out of the coconuts, tan on the beach, and witnes an interesting Hybrid Evangelical-Mayan baptism ceremony. We later had an equally delicious lunch of fried fish and shrimp under the cover of a palm-leaf beach-side cabana.

Around three, we sadly got on another four-hour journey back to Xela, on a bus with interesting decortations:

Stay tuned for photos from Lago Atitlan, San Pedro, Panajachel, and Antigua!


anna said...

gosh, i love tavel photos!:)

Allison said...

Awesome pictures! You are so lucky. :)