March 25, 2011

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

After recovering from spending a whole day dealing with bank and police drama, Barbara and I spent the morning at the hot springs before getting on another long bus ride to Lago Atitlan, a huge lake at the base of two or three volcanoes, surrounded by cute little towns on the lake's shore.

We headed to San Pedro, an adorable little idyllic lush village with a gorgeous Spanish school where all teaching happens in a tropical garden, delicious little cafes, and a number of bars owned by relaxed and barefoot ex-pats.

We stayed in the lovely Pinocchio Hotel, where every room had a balcony with a hammock that faced the beautiful lake, surrounded by palm trees and fragrant flowers.

The first night we were there (Wednesday) we had a yummy dinner at The Clover, the local South-Asian-food-serving Irish Pub, and then had some drinks at Buddha Bar with some hilarious British "gap years" (adorable 18- and 19-year-olds taking a year off between high school and university), staying in our hotel, who were all kinds of exuberant and fresh-faced. Needless to say, they were very entertaining.

We turned in early to wake up for a 9am yoga class al fresco, taught outdoors in an exquisite garden surrounded by greenery to the sounds of the lake and the birds. So peaceful.

Then we had yummy fruit shakes and took a very agitated and wet boat ride across the lake to Panajachel, a town less cute than San Pedro, but with an amazing market; the perfect place to buy all the presents we needed to bring home.

 And on the streets of Panajachel we randomly bumped into a friend of mine from school! What a small world!

Later that day Lee and Royer came to meet us, and they went to have a drink with Barbara while I got a wonderful massage.

That night was St. Patty's Day, so we went back to The Clover and parties Irish-style with a bunch of Americans who had come down prepared with St. Patty's Day gear.

Friday morning we spent the morning tanning on some boulders by the lake before having a delicious lunch at Buddha Bar and rushing to make our shuttle to Antigua.

Stay tuned for photos and stories from Antigua and our last couple of days in Guatemala!

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