March 9, 2011

A Very Welcome Wednesday

The last week has been an unbelievable nightmare.

In terms of school, that is. 

I'm not done with midterms by any means (I still have a case to read, a memo to write, and an Op-Ed to write), but I'm over the hump. This weekend I wrote three papers and studied for a brutal stats exam, which, I'm thrilled to say, is the last stats exam I'll ever have to take. Ever.

Today I finally have a little breathing room, and I'm spending the morning at home with Little Keyfree and her friend, frosting cupcakes and drinking tea. It totally beats studying confidence intervals and hypothesis testing until two in the morning.

But the most amazing part is that in 72 hours I'll be on a plane to sunny Guatemala without a care in the world for ten whole days. I am going to eat fresh mangoes off trees, drink delicious coconut water, and get all nice and tan (skin cancer be damned).

I don't think I've ever deserved a vacation more. 

And now I'm off to have an orange vanilla bean cupcake! 

1 comment:

Bree said...

10 days-wow!
I know what you mean about school; I'm in a crazy busy spurt right now too; 4 huge papers to write followed by 3 finals in the next 3 weeks.
Enjoy those cupcakes :)