March 3, 2011

I'm Going To Mali!

What I thought was going to be an excruciating two or three months of applying to dozens of internships and anxiously waiting to hear back from at least one - lest I be completely screwed and unable to complete my program - was miraculously reduced to a mere two week period where I applied for three internships, heard back from two, and got accepted to one!

I will be spending this summer in Mali!

Ok, so there are all photos that I got from Google. But I don't have any of my own, since I haven't actually been there yet! Believe me, you'll be seeing plenty of Julia originals over the summer.

I'll be working for the GAIA Vaccine Foundation, an organization that was was established in 2001 to promote the development of a global AIDS vaccine and to promote HIV trial expertise in Providence, RI, and Mali, West Africa. The GAIA Vaccine Foundation does an incredible amount of work in a number of areas (including HIV and TB prevention and treatment, peer education, and and capacity building), but I'll be working specifically on the Mother to Child Transmission (of HIV) Prevention Program, helping to get pregnant women tested, treated, and protect their babies from being infected. 

It's such an amazing opportunity, and it's going to be such an incredible learning experience, not to mention, new, international, fun, and in Africa! I'm still reeling from getting accepted!

I can't wait!


Jamie said...

Congratulations!!! That sounds like such an amazing opportunity to work for a great organization!

kELLO! said...

my husband literally grew up there. in bamako, the countries captital, and he was in the bush for his earlier years, too. shoot me an email if you want any info!

congrats to you! it's a beautiful country with beautiful people :)

Laura said...

wow!!! what an amazing opportunity! I am so incredibly jealous!! :) Congrats to you girlie!!!


Bree said...

Whoa, Congrats! You're quite lucky to be able to travel around for school related things! And your travels in general too..I wish!

anna said...

a friend of mine has made a few trips to mali working for an ngo.

a useful tip i remembered from her is that you should have a visa card and not master card. apparently, using the latter one is tricky in mali.

Des said...

Congratulations. This looks like a great experience.