February 5, 2011

1950s Photoshoot: J Clements Photography

I'm so excited that I finally get to write this post! 

Back in August, when I had just come back from Europe before moving to New York, I went home to Cambridge for a few days, where I got to see some of my oldest friends from high school.

It's always nice to see old friends that you only get to see a couple of times a year because you get to catch up on all their news and the fun exciting things in their lives.

When I was home, my wonderful friend Jessie, who is now a professional photographer, suggested that we have a fun girl's dinner, dress up in some cute dresses, and do a 1950s photo shoot! So my friend Jennah and I went over to Jessie's house with a suitcase full of vintage-style clothes, a full tube of red lipstick, and enough Aquanet to land us starring roles in the cast of Hair.

So after a fun and wine-fueled evening, we ended up with over three hundred photos of us being classy, sultry, silly, and plain ridiculous, and I thought I'd share some of my favorites from the shoot that Jessie did of me.

Very Vintage:

Saucy School Teacher:

A Day at the Beach:

I love these pictures, even though I'm a smidge disappointed that we took them before I lost a few pounds, so I'm a little rounder than I would have liked! :)

And even though we were just a bunch of girls drinking wine and playing around, Jessie was still so professional and after seeing the photos I realized how incredibly talented she is! I am the least photogenic person in the world and she managed to actually make me look decent in some of these!

Here are some of my other favorites of hers:

Don't these make you want to do your own photo shoot!?

If any of you are in the Greater Boston Area, and looking for an amazingly talented photographer with a wonderful personality to boot, definitely get in touch with her!

Do it! 
You can thank me later :)


Julia said...

A photoshoot sounds like so much fun! You look beautiful!

Maria said...

how fun!! you look so pretty :)