February 8, 2011

Getting Back Into Gear

I've been back in school for exactly three weeks, and our semester is only thirteen weeks long.

You'd think that almost a quarter into it I'd already be back in school mode. 

You'd think. 


Sure, I've already handed in some assignments, I've done a bunch of readings, I had an interview for a board position, and I'm starting to get ready to hand in my first paper (next Monday), take my first exam (this Thursday), and submit my first internship applications (next Tuesday).

But I'm not enthusiastic about it. I still cannot to get back into gear.

This weekend I didn't go to school once. I figured I would just "read at home," when I actually just vegged out and watched the entire first season of Modern Family.

(Excellent show, by the way)

In my defense, last week I did spend five consecutive days of more than twelve hours at school each day, including Sunday. So in a way I did deserve the weekend off. But I also just got back from a month long break of absolute and total leisure. Maybe I should have expected to come back and actually have to do some work.

But whatever the reason, I have to get back into gear. 

I need to stop conceding myself little facebook breaks, and snack breaks, and nap breaks, and chat breaks. 

I just got back from winter break, I've had enough breaks. 

Now I just need to convince myself of what I already know and get back to work. 

Easier said than done. 

Any tips?


Jen said...

I have the same problem going back to work after a chunk of time off. It's never easy, and it never gets any easier. I still haven't figured out how to deal with it...

Good luck!

Julia said...

Tips? Are you kidding? I am going through the same thing, except that my winter break was shorter. I cannot get back into a routine and I've been at work since the Monday after New Years.

And BTW, Modern Fam is my favorite show!

Margarita said...

Well, I def wish you luck :)

Des said...

This diagram is great. It made me smile.