January 9, 2011

Sunday Sweets: Wintery Wardrobe

You know it's winter when even in LA you have to wear a cardigan.

I think that after the snowfall that ruined my vacation plans and the negative Minneapolis temperatures I've finally resigned myself to the fact that winter is here and I need to dress appropriately for it.

Not that I haven't been dressing appropriately until now, but I did pack flats (never worn) and a cotton dress (worn with a sweater, tights and leggings) to come home for winter break, which tells you a bit about what my hopes were for the weather.

Now that my hopes have officially been dashed, I've let myself wander over look at some cute wintery clothes and accessories (none of which I can indulge myself with - I already have way too much stuff!) and I've put together a few of my favorites.

Smoke grey cashmere coat

Stand-up collar white wool coat

Grey tunic

Slouchy beret

Yellow Sundae driving gloves

Vintage rain boots

Smog Flamenco cowl scarf

Comfy knit house slipper-boots

What are you wearing to make winter a little warmer?


Julia said...

I looove that white coat! My newest addition to my closest is a pair of shearling-lined over the knee boots. I want to wear them every day, but they are too high for work!

ag. said...

I love that white wool coat! Ooh I want it! I love my scarves for the winter, so pretty and so warm!

Leesh said...

I love the slouchy beret and the slipper boots. I got a pair of slipper boots for Christmas and I am not sure how I lived without them.

Margarita said...

I love that wool coat so much I clicked over to buy and it's no longer available :( lol!