January 13, 2011

Our Nation's Capital

I'm in Washington D.C. for a conference for school until Saturday and tomorrow I have the whole day off!

What should I do? Any suggestions?


Allison said...

The National Mall is pretty good start. Start at the Lincoln Memorial, then walk down past the White House and the Washington Memorial, then hit up one of the Smithsonian museums (I prefer the Museum of Natural History) and then end at the steps of the Capitol.

If you have time after that, you can go from there, but you might be either tired or cold. Georgetown and Dupont Circles are nice for shopping, but they don't have any historical monuments.

For other interesting museums, I've enjoyed the National Mint and the Holocaust Museum. I've also heard the Newseum (the history of journalism) is good, but I haven't been there yet. Those are all fairly close to the Mall (within walking distance).

mylifeonrepeat said...

I love the Museum of American History. I haven't been to the Holocaust Museum yet, but I hear it's really interesting. Check out my photos: http://mylifeonrepeat.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/looky-what-i-found/


Alyssa said...

i think you should go hang with obama... thats where he hangs right?