December 8, 2010

Wee Bit Wednesday Night

When finals are over in a couple of weeks I hope to be back here more often. Unfortunately, it always happens that I'll think about blogging on Monday morning, and by the time I get around to it it's Wednesday afternoon.

C'est la vie!

Right now I should really be reading for my International Human Rights Law final, but I have an hour before I have to go to a group meeting and I think I'll take it easy. Plus I missed last week's Wee Bits, so I really want to make sure I do them this week.

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{one} if you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
The first one is cliche, but it's only cliche because it so badly needs to happen: 
World Peace and Prosperity
Happiness and personal satisfaction in all my endeavors.
To never lose my waistline.

{two} who is your favorite author?
This is a very very difficult question. But if I had to chose, I'd say Paul Auster.
Oracle Night took me to a different place for an afternoon,
and The Book of Illusions is spectacularly written. 
I highly, highly recommend both books..

{three} what crowd were you involved in during high school?
My crowd didn't really have a name. We all did sports but weren't jocks, 
we were popular, but not mean girls,
we sometimes defied our parents, but we weren't bad kids,
and we all got good grade, but weren't nerds.
We were unclassifiable.

{four} what is your favorite thing to do when you have time to yourself?
Curl up with a good book and a cup of Earl Grey,
Or hit the town with my friends in a great pair of shoes.

{five} do you have any hidden talents?
I can sew, which I guess isn't such a hidden talent here, since I blog about it all the time, 
but few people I know in real life know about it. 
I also played jazz piano for ten years when I was younger.

{six} can you fake any accents?
French and Italian, since I grew up with those accents at home.
I can do a half-passable (though not to a native) British accent.
But when I try to do an Irish one it comes out Jamaican, and vice versa.

{seven} have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?
When I was in high school our Mock Trial team was featured in the local paper.
And this week the email sent to Columbia SIPA students about wikileaks and the State Department has gone viral,which isn't about me in particular, but I do have an original copy of that email in my inbox.

{eight} have you ever been arrested?
No. Knock on wood.

{nine} what is your favorite job you’ve had?
UNICEF was amazing - really educational and my coworkers were so nice and supportive.
And I loved working with kids in Spain, although it was tons of work.

{ten} do you have any scars?
The typical smorgasbord of childhood scars. 
One under my chin, from hitting a bookshelf after falling backwards off of a rocking chair,
One on my shin from falling off a bicycle,
One on my ankle from getting my food caught in a bicycle wheel.
One on my wrist from falling down.
I was a pretty accident prone kid apparently!


Ok. Back to the books. Have a great week everyone!

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