December 10, 2010

Using Words to Fill Blanks

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have a feeling that today is going to be a great day! Don't you just love that feeling?

Yesterday I closed a door, and today I'm opening the window onto the last ten days of my first semester of grad school! It's going to be a very intense finals period, but I think I'm ready for it, and I can't wait for it to be over!

I'm going to power through my work as efficiently and quickly as possible because after that I have plans that include Boston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Washington D.C. - all before January 15! (And if we extend that to March, I get to include Guatemala!)

And I can't wait! I've been stationary for that last four months, and I'm starting to feel a bit claustrophobic. I've got the travel itch.

But, I still have to get through these ten days of finals (two papers, two exams, and a presentation) before I can't start daydreaming about my travels.

In the meantime I can take a little break from my productive (not) morning to fill in some blanks. As usual, don't forget to link up with Lauren!

1.   I wish      it were already next Monday! I'd be at home, with my first semester behind me (hopefully looking forward to a few A's), probably cooking something delicious with my mom  .

2.  Yesterday I   went to the Christmas party at school and stole three of the decorative bows off the walls to decorate my friends' and my hair .

{I'm the short one on the right, and the other two are definitely crouching down
so that I we can all be in the picture. I have such good friends.}
3.  Today I will    start a paper, do some econ, take a practice exam, go home, make myself pretty, and then go on a date downtown with a nice boy to a lovely French restaurant.

4.  Tomorrow I will    write some more of my paper, and then spend the day with the Mommy Keyfree and the little Keyfrees making lemon curd and hazelnut praline .

5.  Maybe    I'll actually be able to get more than 6 hours of sleep per night this weekend!

6.  Someday      I'll be able to wake up in the morning without hitting snooze eight times  .

7.  I love     being in a good mood and feeling like I can do anything   .

Have a glorious weekend!


Cole said...

cute bows! ha! have a great weekend too! :)

ag. said...

Love the bows in your hair!

the runaway romantique said...

Great blank fillers! Those bows are so cute :) I need to work on waking up without snoozing for another hour as well. Good luck on your paper and just wanted to tell you that your blog is lovely!

- the runaway