December 26, 2010

Back With A Vengeance!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I am back!

And I have missed you!

After two weeks of hermit life studying for finals, and then a whirlwind week of holiday preparations I am finally back with some regularity. Aren't you thrilled?

I had this whole post planned out about how I was leaving for California today, and how I was going to be blogging all week about the wonderful west coast and the sun, and then how I was going to Minneapolis and blog about Molly and all the snow and the Mall of America, it was going to be wonderful, BUT...

But then the North East got slammed with this ridiculous snow storm, my flight got canceled, and due to all the backed up and delayed flights we won't be able to leave before Wednesday. Boo.

My Life

 Which means that not only is our vacation going to be half as long, but I won't have exciting Californian adventures to blog about for the next couple of days. Double boo.

Not my life... until Wednesday at least.

You'll have to make do with my snowy Cambridge adventures and the few crafty posts I've had up my sleeve since before I went hibernating for finals. And some laments about how I'm not in California yet. Triple boo.

But, travel inconveniences aside, it's truly wonderful to be back!

I wish you a wonderful Boxing Day!

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