November 9, 2010

A Virtual Vacation

I used to wear my four years spent in the great white north like a badge of honor. A badge of cold, cold honor.

Below freezing? Pshh.

Try minus 59 degrees.... ...Celsius! That's minus 74 degrees Fahrenheit!

(Colder than the surface of Mars! Don't believe me, look it up!)

Try having your eyelashes freeze to your scarf and taking one step forward for every two steps the wind pushed you backwards. Try having a ankle-length down coat that makes you look like a sleeping bag with arms. Try wearing it from October until April.

I used to be ready for anything, because I'd lived through four long, dark, cold Canadian winters.

Not anymore!

Three winters in temperate Europe, with the mercury hardly ever dipping below zero, and I have officially pussied out.

The other day I got so cold I was wearing four layers and a down jacket - and it's barely November! More often than not I wear socks and a hoodie to bed because I'm so cold. Next think you know I'll be complaining about how much my bones ache.

Either way, I'm starting to realize that the warm days are definitely ending (even if barely ten days ago, in the midst of an unseasonal October heat wave, I was wearing a summer dress and sandals) and that winter is starting to set in.

You'd think, as an avid, albeit infrequent, skier, I'd be thrilled at the thought of winter; the beautiful, powdery white slopes, and steamy hot chocolate at the top of the mountain.

But really, the first place my mind goes when it starts to get a little chilly is the beach.

Oh what I'd give to lie belly up on a beach towel under the sun, slathered in sweet-smelling coconut oil, listening to the whoosh of the ocean; to go buy an ice cream dressed in nothing but a bikini, a pair of sunglasses and a floppy hat; to swim all the way out to sea and float around.

And while I can't get on a flight to the southern hemisphere, I can always peruse my old beach photos, and take myself on a little virtual vacation.


Where would you go on your virtual vacation?


adventurer_team said...

I also visited southern hemisphere. Really it’s very beautiful place. Even your pictures remembered my all memory. Nice sharing. I recommend this spot and even I like Romantic Bed and Breakfasts in this spot.

Allison said...

I'd pretty much go anywhere in the southern hemisphere. I'd go to Australia or NZ right about now.

Desiree said...

Everything until 'Not anymore' was the description of my worst nightmare. My body even tensed up in horror.

Then you calmed me down with your beautiful WARM-LOOKING pictures - so thank you for that! :-)

Kelly L said...

I think... really... at this point.... you're just torturing us with the warm, beachy photos ;)

Kelly L said...

(and it's going to get worse... ahhh, winter, how I loathe thee...)