November 14, 2010

Sunday Sweets: Tiny Tots

A good friend of mine had a baby a couple of weeks ago (a little girl!) and so I started looking for the perfect new baby gift right away.

I think I might end up making something myself (maybe a little dress with matching booties), but I still wanted to see what was out there, maybe for inspiration, or just in case I came across something so cute that I just had to get it.

So I obviously turned to Etsy - source of all things wonderful - to begin my search. And some of these teeny tiny clothes were just so cute that I had to share them.

Whether you want to spoil your own baby, buy someone else's munchkin the perfect gift, or even just oggle all the cuteness, this week's Sunday Sweets are for you!

Mini Mustache Sweater
Nursery Room Print
The Montgomery Boot
New York Subway Receiving Blanket
Baby Loafers
Cherry Blossom Wall Decal
Giraffe Dress


I can't decide which is my favorite. Everything is too precious. Although I might have to go with the mini mustache sweater and a knit green loafers. Can you imagine those itty bitty loafers on little itty bitty feet?

And with that, I think I've overdosed on cuteness for the next few weeks at least!

Have a sweet Sunday!


Claire Kiefer said...

All these things are PRECIOUS! I cannot believe those ruffled boots . . . toooooo much. I am so sorry I haven't gotten back to you about vintage jewelry!!! I don't necessarily have any preferences; I'm excited about the surprise element! I will keep your tastes in mind, though. I'll try to be extra good to you since I'm so LATE--I've been traveling so much this month (in Guatemala now!) but will send your jewels next week when I get back! xoxo

Desiree said...

ZOMG! I'm thinking about cherry blossoms for our nursery! Yay for that picture - I went straight to the shop! :-)

Thank you!

Leesh said...

I don't have kids but I am absolutely in love with the baby loafers and cherry blossom wall art.

I think I definitely have to order a pair of the loafers to give to the next baby who is born.