November 1, 2010

Redhead Cartoons

So Halloween (which this year was an exhausting three-night weekend) came and went and I so sadly have very few pictures to show for it. At the very beginning of the first night of festivities some douchebag was taking a picture of my friend and me and he dropped my camera right on its lens. It still takes pictures, but the lens protector doesn't open all the way, so the camera can't see much. Balls.

But luckily my friend Elena (who in the end chose Poison Ivy over The Little Mermaid - a wise redhead choice nonetheless) was there with her camera as back up (which the douchebag also dropped, although it didn't break) and so she managed to get some funny pictures of me as Wilma Flintstone.

So there you have it. Me dancing around in all my cartoon glory in downtown NYC.

I'm a little disappointed because the hairspray was supposed to be "tiger orange" and it was more neon pink than anything else. But I suppose it still got the point across. And making the dress was a lot of fun. So all in all I consider it a success. If I get permission from the other ladies, I'll show you Poison Ivy and Jessica Rabbit... all of the other cartoon redheads fell through :(

Coming up soon, photos from a wonderful weekend with Kate - including a rowboard ride in Central Park and the biggest pizza slice in NYC. But most importantly, photos of our second group Halloween costume, which I sewed for all three of us with $4 worth of curtains from the Salvation Army! Stay tuned for the surprise!


Elena said...

You looked fantastic! I'm glad we were still able to document your superb seamstress and redhead skills despite the camera mishap...

Keenie Beanie said...

You made an absolutely adorable Wilma Flintstone. Real shame about the camera though. Grrrr!

Kristina said...

*GASP* You look totally amazing! You play the part perfectly!
Kristina J.

Alyssa said...

brilliant costume!

not so brilliant that the douche dropped TWO cameras!!

Claire Kiefer said...

You look so cute! I just found your blog because I am your vintage jewelry swap partner (yay!)--no idea if we have each other or if I just have you, but I am excited to pick something out for you nonetheless! Now I'm off to read various blog posts to try to get an idea of your taste in baubles. ;)