November 28, 2010

I should really be going to sleep right now. I have a very full day tomorrow, plus I have to wake up extra early to put my room in order so that when the movers come (to rearrange some giant furniture around the house) my things aren't in the way.

But you know when you're having a really good dream and you can sort of feel yourself waking up but you don't want to lose the end of the dream so you sort of force yourself back to sleep for fifteen minutes, even though you never really pick up where the dream left off and end up dreaming the same scene over and over again?

That's sort of what I'm doing right now - trying to make this weekend last a little longer before reality end the end of the semester set in tomorrow - except that I'm trying to stay awake.

But it's not going very well.

In fact, I'm going to surrender to my sleepiness and accept that my delicious five-day weekend is over and no amount of blinking myself awake is going to change that.

I wish you all a smooth return back to reality!


Sam said...

I'm glad you had a great break from reality! :)

monica said...

have a wonderful break!