November 16, 2010

I Occasionally Like To Make Lists: Darling Diminutives

The expression I've heard most often in my life is probably, "the best things come in small packages," generally preceded by, "don't worry," and followed by, "I'll grab that for you."

See, I'm 5'2". On a good day.

And I have always been the shortest of all my friends, thus the number of times I've been reassured that being small is a blessing in disguise (usually after failing in some task that required I reach higher than I could). But I've never minded. I was never self-conscious about it - although often being at nipple-height rather than face-to-face can make for some interesting conversation at times - and I've actually come to embrace my diminutive size.

For example, as a result of being so short, I also have wonderfully small feet, so I always manage to grab the last display pair of size six shoes that every girl wants and none can fit into. Plus I get to wear amazing five inch heels and never risk towering over anyone (on the contrary, five inch heels barely put me at eye-level with most people). And when I can't reach something in the supermarket I have a legitimate excuse to coyly ask the cute guy in produce to come help me.

But mostly I think being short has somehow instilled in me an obsession with tiny stuff. I can't think of anything that isn't cuter in mini. Which brings me to my list,

Things That Are Infinitely Cuter in Mini

1. Tiny doll furniture

full of tiny doll food!

2.Baby shoes and socks!

3. Mini pens and notebooks!

4. Itty bitty pies and cupcakes!

5. Mini bottles!

What are your favorite tiny things?


Mrs. Dontje said...

mini bulldogs! eeee! and mini m&ms!

Jamie said...

Ooooh I love mini bottles! My favorites are the mini Heinz ketchup bottle the mini jam jar I have. So cute!

Kelly L said...

Eeee! I love tiny things!

Although I did say that once - "Everything is cuter when it is miniature" and one of my friends was like, "I can think of something that's not." Because she's a perv. ;)

Also: I'm a whole inch taller than you! I feel strangely good about this. Usually I'm the short one.

I AM jealous of your size 6 feet, though. I'm at a 7, 8. Everybody snatches those up. :(

Crystal said...

I love those mini displays of tents and sleeping bags at stores like Target so you can see what it is like.

I always picture my kitties out camping with the gear.

And yes, I wish my feet smaller (along with my waist lol)!