October 2, 2010

I Have No Excuses... But I Do Have Some Blanks To Fill

One of my very best friends from college, Kate, was supposed to get into NY yesterday afternoon and spend the weekend, which we were going to kick off with a lovely SIPA boat tour of the harbor.

But due to the inclement weather and the subsequent snowball effect of airport delays, her 6:00pm flight out of Toronto was pushed back to 11:15pm and then eventually canceled.

I'm super bummed she didn't get to come on the boat, and even more bummed that I didn't get to spend the weekend with her! I haven't seen her in almost two years and we were definitely due for some face to face catching up.

But oh well. Shit happens. And the weather is one of those things you really can't do anything about. I know she'll try again for another weekend soon, and even though I won't be able to offer her a booze cruise, I'm sure we'll think of a million other fun things to do. We always did manage to find a good time.

The thing is, now I'm suddenly faced with a weekend and no plans. Which means that my default obligations - reading, reading, summaries, writing, more reading - are going to start squeezing their way in unless I fill my weekend with other plans.

But I don't have other plans. And so I have no excuses not to be doing homework. Especially because I have a big Spanish assignment due on Monday.

But it's Saturday. It's sunny for the first time in days, my friends are out and about doing fun things, and just to rub it in even more, there's a block party going on outside my house. Granted I don't think I'd have a lot of fun at this block party, but they're all out having fun and it's making me jealous.

So I'm making a deal with myself. I'll enjoy the weather by talking a nice 50-block walk up to campus and then I'll get in a good afternoon of distraction-free studying. And I'll be at home with the Keyfree kids tonight anyway while the Keyfree parents have a dinner, so that's prime studying time. And then after dinner, if I've accomplished enough, I get to go out and be a bit social. Maybe even stop by a couple of parties.

And then tomorrow is a normal Sunday study day.

But before I do any of that, I have some blanks to fill! Don't forget to link up with Lauren!

1.   True happiness is       being surrounded by the people who mean the most to you   .

2.  The most surreal moment of my life was   probably the day my little brother was born. I don't remember much, but I do know my universe fell apart a bit when I realized I was no longer the center of it .

3.  My favorite texture is     1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets   .

4.  My signature color is     black and grey .

5.  My signature style is     classic, with a little retro thrown in .

6.  If I could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be       Williams Sonoma. Calphalon, Wusthof, Le Creuset... be still my heart!  .

7.  My best thing about autumn is      all the pumpkins. I heart pumpkins   .

What do you try to make excuses to get out of doing?

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