September 8, 2010

Wee Bit Wednesday

I need to go do my first grad school homework assignment - a Spanish grammar worksheet! - but not before a Wee Bit of Me! Don't forget to link up with Leigh Ashley!

{one} what was your first pet and how did you come up with its name?
I think (I've had a lot of pets) it was a boy bunny named Pippo (Goofy's name in Italian), which eventually turned out to be a girl bunny, so we named her Pippa. 
After she pooped in my bed enough times and had bunny babies, 
I think my parents gave her to a farm... or something.

{two} do you like your ice crushed or cubed?
In fun shapes. I especially like the ice cube stir sticks
I think they're meant for water bottles, but I like using them to stir!

{three} do you believe in love at first sight?

Not one bit. Love is something that needs to grow from scratch and be nurtured. 
But I definitely believe in lust at first sight, which can eventually (and with a lot of luck and hard work) become love.

{four} do you have any nicknames?
Jules, Juli (only when little kids use it, I HATE being called Julie), Ju
and some less cute things my brother used to call me when we were kids.
Like Poolia, or Droolia. (Very clever, Lucas Mucus!)
{five} what movie do you never get tired of watching?
I get pretty sick of even my favorite movies if I see them too often. 
But I never get tired of watching Pixar shorts
For the Birds and Partly Cloudy are my favorites.
Do yourself a favor and watch them now! :)
{six} how do you like your eggs cooked?
Sunny side up, with very runny yolks, preferably on a breakfast sandwich.
Or Benedict, on an English muffin, with asparagus, Canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce.

{seven} are you named after anyone in particular?
My great-grandmother Juliette, and Julia Child.

{eight} what are three things that you would like to do that you haven’t done yet?
Travel through South East Asia,
Buy an apartment in Mediterranean Europe, 
Get published.

{nine} what one thing always brightens your mood?
Hanging out with great friends.
Or watching an episode of Friends. 
Whichever is available fastest :)

{ten} what five things will you always find in your purse?

Notebook & Pen
Emergency Pouch 
(which contains band-aids, eye drops, a compact, mascara, 
blush, chapstick, hand wipes, bobby pins, safety pins, etc)

Wondering why keys aren't on the list? My host family has proxy (key) cards to get into the house! No more losing my keys in the bottom of my purse! No more leaving them at home and getting locked out! The way into the house is in my wallet! Which I never lose!
(Knock on wood)

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Jules said...

It looks like we share some of the same Julie is my real name, I also get Jules and Ju. I occasionally get Julio too (which really annoys me!!) My brother never really gave me a nickname, although when he was small he used to call me Doolie, as he couldn't pronounce Julie properly :-)