September 8, 2010

A Bit of Catching Up

Today was my second day of classes, and they were all relatively painless - including economics!

I have an amazing Microeconomics professor - a very pretty Italian lady that looks just like Marissa Tomei, and who, rumor has it, is married to a hunky Italian professor also at SIPA, although I haven't actually seen this first hand. I also a wonderful International Human Rights Law professor - also a very classy Italian lady - who I think I will be learning a great deal from!

Outside of SIPA, I have slight issues with my Spanish Creative Writing Seminar professor - she's a American graduate student, not much older than me, and is not a native Spanish speaker, which is my main problem. And the class is full of college freshman, so I feel so old! But the material seems really interesting, and I look forward to doing a lot of creative writing in Spanish. It'll be a nice change from all the technical core classes I have to take at SIPA this year (SIPA is Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs - an acronym I'll be using a lot from now on).

I haven't had any of my other classes yet, so my opinion about those is to be determined.

I also have a lot of classes with my new friends from orientation, so I'm lucky that I already know people and have friends with whom to make study groups. Apparently in a lot of the classes the reading is too much to be handled by a single person - a nice little "sink or swim" trick they play on you in your first year to teach you good study habits the hard way!

I've also had the chance to sign up for a few of the extracurricular group at SIPA, like the student newspaper, the political journal, and the human rights and humanitarian affairs working groups, which organize events and fundraisers. Plus in a couple of weeks I get to go on a retreat to upstate New York with everyone in the Human Rights concentration, so that will be a fun, informal way to get to know more people, including the professors!

Ok, enough about school. It's new and exciting for me, but maybe not as much for you guys :) My host family (still in need of a witty blog alias! any suggestions?) is back from Fire Island and a delight to be with! The kids started school yesterday, and we're all slowly easing into our normal routine - well, as normal as any routine can be with construction people running in and out of the house all day!


Mrs. Dontje said...

blog alias ideas:
proxy people
keyless entry
all access
key free (as in, The Keyfrees!!)

definitely go off the proxy entry... that is too cool not to! :)))

Jen said...

You make school sound so exciting! Good luck this semester! I can't wait to hear more.

Crystal said...

I always LOVED school...especially after high school. You make me miss it!!!!

Clueless said...

Sounds like you are some kinda busy! Don't forget to take some time to breath!

What about the Islenos? 'The Islanders' in Spanish? Eh, maybe not.

Mrs. Dontje said...

ahh glad you loved it. i think i'm all "emailed up" now. thanks for the advice!

JMJE said...

Sounds like things are very exciting for you now. I work at a college and always think how exciting the beginning of school is (or at least was for me back when I was in college).

Betty said...

Sounds like school is off to a good start for you! I'm in my second year of grad. school I love this time of year. BTW, I agree with the first should nickname your host family using the 'proxy' idea. :)