September 16, 2010

An Ode To Autumnal Nostalgia

I'd ask you where the days go, but I'm pretty sure you don't know any better than I do. 

Although I wish you could tell me. I'm curious.

October is in two weeks and one day. The month of pumpkins, Halloween costumes, sweaters, apple picking, hot cider, tights, boots, and pretty orange leaves.

Normally I would be a little upset that summer was ending so soon, but to be honest, I'm really excited for fall. I feel like I haven't had a real autumn in years. 

Not that I've somehow skipped the season - if that were possible I'd save the skill for February and March - but I haven't lived in a place with nice full autumnal season in years! 

In Montreal it's summer until the end of September, and then there's a good chance that by the end of October there will already snow on the ground. You have about a month to make the mental transition from summer to arctic hell, and by the time you come to accept it, you haven't even noticed that fall has stopped by for all of five minutes.

You might not even notice it until you see a sad little orange leaf... covered in snow.

Italy has a nice long autumn - it doesn't start until October, and it runs well into December - but the traditions aren't the same. 

There's hardly any Halloween and no Thanksgiving, and they barely know what to do with pumpkins - they sell them already all chopped up for cooking, where's the fun in that?
There's no hot cider and there's certainly no apple picking.

The first couple of years I was thrilled! Trips to the beach until September? Shorts and flip flops in October? Juicy farm-fresh tomatoes until November? Yes please!

But then it got a little tiring to hear all about my family's Thanksgiving back home without me, for the third year in a row. Last year I came home the first week of December and devoured the plate of Thanksgiving dinner I had asked my mom to freeze for me.

True story. 

This year I'm so happy to be back in the North East, the one place that really knows how to do autumn. 

And I can't wait to go apple picking, drink cider, wear tights and scarves and my new green hunter boots and go crunching around in piles of leaves. 

I can't wait to carve a pumpkin, or just make pumpkin pie. 

 I was even happy to start seeing Halloween candy in the drug store displays, and I'm the first person to be annoyed with premature advertising. 

So I'm finally ready for autumn, and I plan on enjoying the ride.

But I hope it lasts a long time, because I'm definitely not ready for winter!

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Betty said...

I have always wanted to see Autumn in the northeast! We do have a pretty great fall in the northwest as well, but there is a chance that rain/snow/wind can take away the pretty leaves before we're ready. Enjoy all the beautiful colors! :)

J. said...

I completely agree! Generally I am ALL about the summer, but for some reason I am really excited about fall... my mother tells me it's because I'm getting older. :/
And I strongly detest premature advertising... but when I saw all of the orange/black and bags of candy being shelved at our local store I got very very giddy! The weather is still very warm here in Southern Oklahoma, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that cooler temperatures are just around the corner!

Amanda K said...

I'm from the Midwest and we definitely do autumn! In fact looking out my office window right now I can see some of the leaves starting to turn. If it weren't the prelude to winter I think it would be my favorite time of the year.

Alyssa said...

its so cool hearing about how the other side of the world celebrates in the different seasons... christmas in snow is the most bizzare thought for me! Im used to sun and beach and fresh foods.
crazy crazy. hopefully i will experience it the other way around one day!

enjoy your fall :) x

Belen said...

gahh, this was such a beautiful post! i liked reading it all and i enjoyed how you had images to go along the way. :) (haha that makes me sound like a little kid and her picture book.)

Amanda said...

Welcome back to North East autumns! Although is was really great of you to share what it was like being in italy for them. i hadn't even thought of what transitons months must be like over there. And I love that you asked your mom save you Thanksgiving dinner (and that she did it).

Molly said...

Ahhh, Thanksgiving together this year! It's been too long. I was thinking about it on my bus ride to school this morning and it made me smile like crazy! I'll get to be with my family and my deuxieme famille for the first time in years and it makes my heart soar!
love molly

Jen said...

Julia, this is such a sweet seasonal post. I had mixed feelings about the soon coming of autumn, but after reading about your fall activities, I'm getting excited!

The things that are carrying me through though are my October Caribbean cruise and... sorry... the thought of skiing come winter!

Kelly L said...

Love love love autumn. We do it pretty well here in Iowa, but I'd love to see how it's done out East. Better add that to my list of things to do someday!