September 30, 2010

My Blue Days

 {a partial view of my google calender}

No, I'm not sad. Let me explain.

The other day my friends and I were trying to figure out a weekly time that we could meet to do our economics homework together.

We could probably do it alone, but our professor recommended that we work in groups, and so we've been irregularly meeting up in pairs and threes to try to get a few problems done at a time before scrambling together on Sunday to finish putting all our answers on the same piece of paper. Finally we decided it would be easiest if we found a weekly time that worked for all of us, and stuck to it.

So we all sent our schedules to one friend, and she assumed the responsibility of finding a time that worked for all five people.

Apparently, the only times all week we're all available at the are a two-hour break on Monday afternoons, or evenings after nine. And even then, not everyone is free every evening. I have responsibilities with the Keyfrees, some people work, some people babysit, whatever.

The point is that even with just fifteen or so hours of class a week, it was still impossible for all of us to free up enough time - between classes, homework, extra-curriculars, and work - to all meet at the same time every week, for even just three or four hours.

We're all too busy.

I just started using Google Calender a couple of weeks ago, and now I feel like it already rules my life. The nagging blue screen that dictates how I'm going to be spending my day - it never goes away! But it does work. I always know where I need to be, when, and for how long. And I rigged it up so that I get friendly reminders texted to me five or ten minutes before important events.

My old pen and paper system of writing things down in my little Moleskine seems so prehistoric now, especially now that my calender is synced with my iPhone; how did I ever live without being able to edit my plans on the go?!

And paper agendas only have so much space. God forbid you write in pen and have to cross things out when you change your plans. If you fill up that little space allocated for today, that's it, you can't make any more plans!

But that blue screen, that's what gets to me.

You see, Google Calender isn't actually a blue screen. It has a pretty white background - so open, so free. And then your events, like little rectangular bites taken out of your free time, are the blue part. My week a month from now looks polka-dotted - the two or three spread-out daily events are not at all visually intimidating.

But this week? I can't even see the pretty white background. From 8:30 am to (usually) 9:30 pm (if not later), my entire day is blocked out. Between classes, recitations, meetings, study groups, reading groups, taking care of the kids, and various info sessions and night-time events, I barely even have the time to fill in the left over blank spots with even more blue squares that ration out my free time between my various reading assignments for the week.

I have so much to do every single day, that taking time off for luxuries - like watching an episode or something, or painting my nails, or even blogging (I miss you guys!) - seems so irresponsible.

But, it's great.

I know it sounds miserable, but it isn't. It's hard, yes, and exhausting, and frustrating, and sometimes even tedious, but it's great. It's fun. It's new. But most of all, it's worth it.

I wouldn't trade my blue days for anything in the world.


Amanda said...

My Google calendar is rainbows! :) You can create separate "calendars" which are different colors. So each of my classes is a separate color, plus work, then church, then socializing...for example, if I see a red block of time I know it has to be Litigation with the Federal Government, either class, study group or whatever. Then work is green, etc.

It's lovely :)

J. said...

As SOON as I get done with this comment, I am heading over to google to set myself up with a calendar. I am a planner-addict, and while I am extremely attached to my little planner book, I want to get in on this electronic action! (It will at least make my purse a little lighter!)
Good luck getting through the blue! :)

Mandy said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!! I love yours, so cute. And wow! You sound so busy!! Thank goodness for google calendar, right?? :-)