September 9, 2010

The Keyfrees

Remember how I was having trouble coming up with a great blog alias for my host family?

Well thank god for you guys and your creative minds, because if I'd been left to my own devices I would have probably never come up with something better than Host Family. Beth, of Driving With Mrs. Dontje, gave me a bunch of great suggestions - all having to do with the family's use of proxy cards, instead of keys, to get into the house, and my favorite one was Keyfree. The Keyfrees! It's almost like a family name, but it's silly and it rhymes! Thanks, Beth! :)

Plus I can give each of them individual names now: Mr. Keyfree, Mrs. Keyfree, Big Keyfree (the older boy), Little Keyfree (the younger girl), and Puppy Keyfree.

Now I never have to worry about using their real names! The only downside is that the "new" Keyfree family names make me think of those annoying too-much-information-I-don't-need-to-learn-about-you-and-your-family-just-from-driving-behind-you car decals:

1 comment:

Amanda K said...

That is too cute Julia. I see those little decals all the time, I think my favorite though was a Ford Focus that had a two parents, four kids and two dogs and a cat on their rear window... um... I promise all those people and critters don't actually fit into your tiny car, so why are they on your window?