August 24, 2010

Soiree Chez Julia

 Gosford Park 

I'm having a dinner party tonight.

Ten or so of my friends - from high school, college, Spain, and even my cousin - are all coming over for a shabby chic meal chez Julia.

Usually I try to make my meals just chic, but this is sort of a last minute affair, and I'm a poor grad student now. So there is definitely going to be an element of shabby as well.

Which is fine with me. I think those are the best kinds of dinner parties. The most fun, anyway.

I'm fairly sure about most of the menu - starter, entree, and side - but I'm at a loss about dessert.


Any Suggestions?


Josh said...

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Betty said...

Since it's peach time (at least where I live) I would suggest a peach crisp/cobbler and serve with ice cream. Super easy and so good!
Have a fun party!

Margarita said...

Oooh how I wish I could join you! I would bring dessert! Do you still have a working oven? If so make something easy - bars or cookies or brownies.

The best and easiest and yummiest option (imo) would be to serve tons of fruit - strawberries, blueberries, melon, etc. Serve with whipped cream or sugar or all alone - even make a fruit salad, add some mint and honey to chopped fruit and you're done!

Good luck!

Betty said...

Alright, I've fixed the email issue! Thanks! And let me know if you make peach cobbler! I might in a few days as well! :)