August 8, 2010

My New Sewing Machine!

So we were originally going to wait until Christmas. That was the original plan.

My mom said she would get the sewing machine as a gift "to the house."

See, every year for Christmas the house gets a gift - a huge National Geographic World Atlas, or a brand-new Miele vacuum cleaner, or a beautiful four-level wooden sewing box, to name a few - gifts that are useful to everyone and are given to no one in particular, so we gift them to "the house."

But then I left  my little crappy-but-did-the-job-30-euro sewing machine in Italy with my cousin Valeria, so that she could sew little frocks for her baby (I am seriously miffed that I didn't take pictures of the other two dresses we made her. They were seriously adorable. One had cherries on it!), and my mom's friend's sewing machine that I had been using here in December had already been returned.

So I, new impassioned sewer, found myself with a head full of projects but without the tool of my trade!

(Ok, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. It's not like my livelihood depends on it, but you get the point).

So I started looking online, checking out the selection, and seeing what was what. Although I'm too impatient to buy online, and Target didn't have the model I wanted in-store.

So we finally went to the cutest little shop, that sells just sewing machines and sewing stuff, and the people there were so helpful, and told us all about the different kinds of machines, and the differences between them, and how seeing one that has forty stitches might seem attractive, but when all but three of those are decorative and you go home and realize you don't even have a reinforced stitch for stretch fabric you're going to kick yourself for buying the fancy machine that in the end doesn't really do much of anything.

(Maybe one day I'll get an extra fancy sewing machine that has all the fancy stitches plus all the utility stitches and does embroidery, but seeing as those cost as much as a car, maybe I'll wait a bit...)

So he showed us this Janome (a very good, reliable brand I had never heard of before), which apparently is one of the only kinds of sewing machines with a solid metal frame (the other machines just have the electrical and mechanical parts screwed into a flimsy plastic frame) making it well-grounded on the table with a nice, smooth very un-bumpy stitch.

I'm not exactly sure how you can compare sewing to butter, but sewing with this machine was just that. Smooth as butter!

So we bought it.  As a very early Christmas present for me the house.

I've already finished one project on it:

And I can't wait to start another! A variation (blue flower on a white pillow) of this peony pillow:

My fashionista mom is already making requests for a Marc Jacobs-inspired dress and an Anthropolgie-inspired skirt.

Wish me luck!

Know of any great sewing projects I could try?

Maybe I'll even do a giveaway with the final product! :)


Tarver said...

That is a beautiful sewing machine, I'm hoping for a new one for christmas as well, something like this one would be great!

Allison said...

I've never been big into crafts but I can't to see some of your concoctions when you get to NYC next month!

A Blog In The Life Of Krystal... said...

beautiful blog! I am a new follower and look forward to future postings.

Hotcakes said...

what a lucky house!! lol...

i never learned how to use a sewing machine... :/

the pillow is coollll!!

enjoy your new sewing machine!

Alyssa said...

I am in sewing machine envy right now!! oh my gosh!! i have been hassling my grandma everyday to buy me one!! for the moment im using my mums and loving it.

i have a bunch of sewing things in my favourites, ill have a look through and if i see anything that will make you smile ill email it to you!

Oh and i just set my sights on making that pillow next week, its the cutest thing EVER!!