August 1, 2010

It's Cold In Dublin


Thank god for airport internet kiosks that don't charge highway robbery prices.

(Six euro for an hour? Steep by monthly connection standards, but totally payable when I'm trying to kill the two and a half hours until Departures opens).

Today was the first time I was actually happy to have a delayed flight. I was supposedto fly out of Rome at 10:20 pm, but since apparently, the Fiumicino staff was too disorganized to find us buses to bring us fromt he gate to the place, we didn't take off until 11:40 pm.

Normally I'd be sort of miffed, especially if I had to make a connecting flight. Not so much for the delay, but mostly because gross incompetence in the service industry really irks me, and it seems to be the crowning characteristic of airpost/airline personnel.

But today I was almost relieved to take off almost an hour and a half late. Or at least I am now (at the time I admit I was a little miffed about standing in line for so long, with the flashing " currently boarding" light silently mocking me. Even thought I was trying not to be miffed).

See, I was looking at a ten-hour dead-of-the-night layover in the Dublin airport. And this airport is nothing like the loungy Amsterdam airport (where I spent my last overnight layover) which has cushy sleeping digs for people waiting overnight, and a casino! (For the insomniacs, I presume).

So the fact that my flight, which was supposed to get in at 12:50 am, didn't get in until 1:45 am, meant that I got to spend one less hour waiting in this freezing airport, stuck outside Departures because the transfers corridor was closed and they made me exit baggage claim.

At this point I'm thanking the airport gods for this internet kiosk (and the fact that it happens to be located rather far away from the totally unecessary air conditioner which is going full blast), and longingly eyeing the Starbucks in the foodhall, waiting for the moment that I can wrap my hands around a warm latte.

But seeing as I only have 2 minutes 33 seconds left until my internet runs out, I might go on a mission to find a chair I can actually get some shuteye in while I wait another hour and a half for the check-in  people to show up.

And I'll keep myself warm by thinking about the cup of tea I'll be drinking under a quilt on my couch as soon as I get home.

p.s. So yeah, apparently my beach house internet did not allow for Six Senses Saturday. I suppose I've kind of fallen off the wagon with it, but shoddy internet and being out of town have made it a little tricky in the last few weeks. I'll try to be more diligent :)

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J. said...

I just love living vicariously through you and your travels... while the airport does sound dreadful, I'd give just about anything to be in Dublin rather than Oklahoma! :)