August 13, 2010

Fill In the Birthday Blanks!

Yesterday was Lauren's Birthday (Happy Birthday Lauren!), and so today's Fill-In The Blank theme is, well....

... Birthdays!

I'm a huge fan of birthdays!

Mostly when it's my birthday, but if it's yours and I'm around on your special day, I'll do my very best to make it an unforgettable event. Whether or not you want me to is largely irrelevant.

You will have birthday cheer, dammit!

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1.  Birthdays are:     a wonderful week of celebration, and don't let any birthday grinch tell you otherwise!  

2.  My favorite birthday memory was     when my mom took my best friend, Molly, and me to the Ritz for high tea. I was in middle school and so excited to get all dressed up and out for such an elegant afternoon outing.  

3.  A birthday tradition my family has is      my mom's flourless hazelnut cake.  Contrary to a flourless chocolate cake, which is usually dense and fudge-like, this one is lighter than air - sort of like a hazelnut angel food cake -  and decorated with whipped cream and raspberries. It is simply divine. Unfortunately it's been seven years since I've had a birthday at home, so I haven't had any delicious birthday cake in far too long!

4.  If I had to choose one birthday meal to eat for the rest of my birthdays hence forward, I would choose    dainty little pastries and tiny sandwiches and finger food, for the party. For the dinner? Probably something hearty like steamed lobster and butter sauce with a side of filet migon. And garlic mashed potatoes.  And green beans. Apparently I'm hungry on my birthday!

5.  My birthday is on    January 28. Aquarius! 

6.  If I could take a birthday trip I would go    skiing in British Columbia. Having a winter birthday, skiing is the perfect birthday activity. Plus Whistler ain't cheap, so I'd make sure the birthday trip was also a birthday present! :)   

7.  The best gift I've ever received for my birthday was    my little Canon Powershot.  Playing with that tiny digital camera, with its crisp images and gorgeous colors, and seeing all the beautiful photos my brother took with his, opened up the world of photography to me. A world I've only seen a fraction of but that has already enchanted me .


Don't forget to link up over at Lauren's and wish her a happy birthday! 

p.s.  I always seem to be traveling on Saturdays - tomorrow included - so I think we're going to let Six Senses Saturday take a little hiatus, since I'm never around on Saturdays to actually write it. Plus I'm sort of getting tired of the same questions every week. Maybe in a bit when things have settle down a bit - after my big move down to New York in a couple of weeks - I'll revisit the idea, but for now we're going to just hit pause. Thanks for playing along, though! :)


carlotta said...

i loved reading your answers! your mom's cake sounds fabulous.

T E H R E N A N A I I S said...

tell me about whistler not being cheap. i live here and i havent had a day off of work since last sunday and wont have one until saturday!

but thats how we work when we have to pay a 1500 dollar seasons pass! so worth it during winter!