August 15, 2010

As A Rule Of Thumb: A Beginner's Guide To Life - Bring A Book

I could write a children's book about my travels yesterday.

Not because they were particularly extensive or trying - all I did was go from Long Island to New York City, and from New York City to Boston. But in getting to and from these places I took practically every mode of transportation known to man, with the exception of plane, bicycle and rickshaw.

My morning started with a wagon - the only permitted way to transport things around Fire Island - and ended with a car, and in between I took a ferry, a van, a train, and a bus.

By the time I got back to Boston I was completely tuckered out.

But my long day of traveling is what prompted Rule #2 of my beginner's guide to life.

Rule #2

Always bring a book. You never know when you might have some time to kill. This might be harder for guys, since they don't have handy purses, and for girls with small bags, but for those us toting around tons of junk in our huge purses all day, an extra bit of intellectual weight won't make it that much heavier. Having a book is great for when you take the bus or subway, when you find yourself waiting at a cafe` for a friend for twenty minutes, or for when you decide at the last minute to get your lunch to-go and eat in the park on a sunny afternoon. Whatever the reason, it's always great to a have something that can distract you, keep you occupied, or just be plain enjoyable. And if it's a really good book (a crack book, maybe?) you'll find yourself stealing one- and two-page reads whenever you have the chance!


Try it, and see how many more books your start going though when you always have one with you!

What do you never leave the house without?

Happy Reading Everyone!


Jenny☮ said...

I agree 110%.
Never has a day gone by that I am not grateful for that book in my bag. :)

Jules said...

Books are tuly useful things to have in your handbag, like you said you never know when one might come in handy :-)

As for me I never leave the house without my mobile phone or tissues...I learned the hard way that I always needed one with me!!

Alyssa said...

I totally agree with this rule. Its a good rule! When I stop using my teeny hipster purse and get a suitcase again I'll start carrying mine with me! But for now, the one thing I NEVER leave home without is chapstick.