July 8, 2010

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Granada

The infamous windmills of Don Quixote de la Mancha
(or some that look just like them)

Granada, the city in the hills of which the Alhambra is located, is a lovely, lovely place. Unfortunately, its beauty will always be second to the spectacular gardens and miraculously well-preserved carvings of the Moorish fortress that sits above it.

But I enjoyed Granada itself just as much as the Alhambra - with it's hundreds of tiny hidden pomegranates, the armies of hippie college students, the endless clouds of marijuana smoke wafting  down the street, and the unbridled enthusiasm we heard coming from every bar every time ther ewas a Spain game. It's a pretty, friendly, tasty city that welcomes its tourists with open arms.

Two things that struck me in particular were the street signs - white ceramic painted in blue, often with a little decoration, and the incredibly variety in styles of windows, so I took plenty of photos of each.

Because I had so many pictures of Granada that I didn't include with those of the Alhambra (because I had so many of those too!) I've put together a second Weekly(ish) Photo Essay, just to highlight some of the lovely aspects of Granada that I imagine get often overlooked.

The highway from Madrid to Granada that cuts through La Mancha is decorated with the occasional giant Bull billboard.
Just in case Spaniards forget what their national animal is.

The olive groves are almost geometrical in their perfection

Air Street

The street posts are little pomegranates

Kiss Street

A private garden - shot through a gate

Sidewalk mosaics
Carmen of the Ducks

Night time celebrations in the street

The courtyard of our hotel, with its picturesque lemons sitting on the well

Pomegranates hiding in the fountain

the courtyard of a college dorm. seriously.

High Air Street

Street music



leigh ashley said...

these photos are gorgeous julia!! i love how the street signs are white tile with blue paint... SO cute! i want one for my house!! :)

Nicole Z said...

Oooh...if you only knew the wanderlust you just stirred up in me! Such beautiful pictures! I love all the different windows and unique street signs, it must give the city such vibrance and character! :)

Julia said...

Julia, your photos are so beautiful! I love them all! I just got back from my vacation to the Dominican Republic and am already thirsty for more. Not sure where our next vacation will take us, but your pictures alone are super persuasive!

Caro said...

What a beautiful place!
Thank you for making me discover this part of the world.

Kelly L said...

Love it. I remember those bull billboards. Every time we came across them whilst driving through the countryside, our tour guide would either should "TORO!" into his PA system mic... or, if everyone was half-passed out, he'd kind of whisper it all seductive like. "Toro..." it was hilarious. Sigh. Good times.