July 21, 2010

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Gaeta & Sperlonga (Part II)

Despite all the pictures we took, we spent less than six hours in Napoli. Around five in the afternoon on Saturday - covered in sweat and smog and urban dust - we got the car and drove an hour north up the coast, to Gaeta, the little town where we wanted to have dinner and spend the night.

After some bad planning on our part, and for a while being afraid we wouldn't have a place to stay, a nice lady at a tourist office found us a charming B&B (with a beautiful garden and a pool) and even made reservations for us in a delicious seafood restaurant.

Then the next morning we drove eight kilometers further up the coast to Sperlonga, a beautiful little cliff-top town, with a stunning jewel-toned beach underneath, where we spend the morning and early afternoon walking around the historic center and lying on the white hot sand, before driving back to Rome after lunch.

At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, I wish my beach house looked like this and the seaside around here were just a beautiful. Not that I should really be complaining :)


LovelyBee said...

Such lovely pictures, especially the beach house! :)

Bree said...

Wow, beautiful B&B indeed! Great pictures, I'm sure everyone wants a getaway after seeing them!

Meghan said...

I was just in Italy last month - although my photos aren't NEARLY as beautiful as yours! They make me want to go back!

Julia said...

Julia, i love your weeklyish photo essays. I was in Naples for 2 hours total; traveling to and from Ischia, and pretty much hated it. However, my perception would have been much more positive had Eat, Pray, Love been published and I had found that pizzeria!

Your pictures are so beautiful. Only in Europe can you worry about finding a place to stay, only to end up in a n inn more beautiful than you could imagine! It's all so simple!

Laura said...

amazing pics!!! what an awesome trip. I want a beach house too! haha.