July 7, 2010

A Wee Bit Of Me Wednesday

Life really is hard. 

Last night I went to sleep on a mattress and pillow that were softer than heaven, ugh. Today I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of eleven thirty in the morning, by my mom who was trying so hard to get me to come lie the sun and sit by the pool, before I had even breakfasted with amazing homemade jam! And then, I had to eat this delicious lunch of roast lamb and green beans, which I didn't even get to cook! And all afternoon? All I got to do was read a book and take a nap. Yuck.

Ok, ok, that's enough. I know you hate me a bit right now, but I'm ok with it. I've been working my butt off for the last six months and if anyone needs this spectacularly relaxing and delicious vacation in the south of France, it's me. I suppose I could avoid rubbing it in everyone's face, but I couldn't help it. Sorry :)

Well, it's Wednesday again, believe it or not.  Just a week ago I was back from Granada and promising more photos (which I really promise I'll post soon), and now my stint in Spain is already behind me, and I'm in a new country. 

Well, I say a new Wee Bit Wednesday is in order. And this week's is chock full of videos for you! You know the rules. Play along, and don't forget to link up with the lovely Leigh Ashley, so that everyone can see your answers!

{one} what's your dream car?
a vintage convertible mercedes

or an original model fiat 500

 i'm a sucker for vintage cars!

{two} who's your favorite musician? 
i hate picking favorites, but at the moment 
the girl getting the best workout on my ipod is Diana Krall

{three} what was the best job you ever had?
working at UNICEF wasn't too shabby in the professional sense, but it wasn't a party in the office every day. working as a cocktail waitress in a Montreal hotspot was a little more entertaining.
{four} what youtube video made you laugh recently?
 this isn't a youtube video, per say, but it's on youtube too, so it counts.
watch it. now. it involves robin williams doing brilliant stand up.

{five} if you could ask God one question, what would you ask?
"why put children on this earth if you're just going to make them suffer? it makes me believe that you don't exist. and if you say something about working in 'mysterious ways', i'll kick you in the shins."
{six} if you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
I would invest half, and use the other half to start up a small NGO.
maybe an organization that put poor girls from the third world through school.
{seven} what's the worst movie you've ever seen?
Return of the Killer Tomatoes may not be the worst, but it's up there.
Its only semi-redeeming characteristic is that it stars a young (read: tasty) George Clooney.

{eight} if you could have invented one thing, what would it have been?
the internet. damn you, Al Gore. 
or post-its.
{nine} what's the nicest thing someone's ever done for you?
well, aside from my parents raising me right and putting me through college and everything... i would have to say when my friends come all the way to Europe to visit me. sure, they get a free vacation out of it, but there are beaches and fun cities in the US and transatlantic plane tickets are expensive.
{ten} if you had the opportunity to live one year of your life over again, which year would you choose?
this last year was pretty sweet; living in rome and then moving to a completely foreign city on a whim and integrating and learning the language with no problems was pretty amazing. otherwise my freshman years in both high school and college were all kinds of awesome. 
Well, I'm off. The internet happens to be situated in the highest room of the house, and so it's hot as hell in here, and the mosquitoes are having a field day harassing me. 

Don't forget to play along and link up!

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leigh ashley said...

yay!! i'm so glad you played again this week! and yes, your life sounds ridiculously hard right now. ;) you would look AWESOME in that vintage mercedes btw. just sayin.