July 3, 2010

The Travel Plan From Hell & Other Stories

The Travel Plan From Hell
By Julia

Today has been nothing short of insane. I'll save you all the details, but suffice it to say that - after almost harassing a poor train station employee (who was somehow coiffed with the unlikely combination of both fauxhawk and mullet - a combination only the Spanish could invent) to death with out dozens of different train combination requests (because our preferred one was no longer available) - instead of renting a car tomorrow morning, driving to Barcelona, and taking the train to Cannes from there on Monday, we are now doing exactly the reverse: taking the night rain on Monday to Cebere (a tiny middle-of-nowhere town on the French-Spainsh border), then a regional train on Tuesday morning to Perpignan, from where we're renting a car to Cannes.

Needless to say, it will be quite the adventure. 

This after spending all morning packing everything, only to realize that I'm not leaving for another two days and now I'll have to live out of a suitcase until Monday. Joy.

But, I should count my blessings, and keep in mind that I'm still going to be going on an amazing and scenic cross-country Spanish-French-Italian adventure with my mom, and regardless of how ghettofabulous our travel arrangements might be, we're still going to have a great time.

Six Senses Saturday
by Julia

It Saturday again (hey, I'm not complaining!), which means it's time to see what our senses are doing! Play along and link up below!

Today I'm...

An amazing aperitivo spread my mom and I picked up at the supermarket: 
tiny cocktail onions, mini pork sandwiches, and pate` on crusty bread. Yum!

My lemon verbena perfume wafting off of my new white spanish purse fan.
Now I'm like a real flamenco dancer!

All my worldly possessions packed into suitcases... again.

My roommate's very loud TV. 
Man am I glad to be moving out of here!

A cold glass of Spanish white wine. Mmm!
Bittersweet about leaving. 
Confused at having said all my goodbyes (almost) yet not leaving for two more days. 
Excited about taking a train/road trip with my mom. 
Sad about having to deal with my grandmother's things in France now that she's gone.
Happy to spend a few weeks at the beach in Italy!
I'm a smorgasboard of emotions!


What are your senses doing today?

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