July 10, 2010

Six Senses Saturday

I was really hoping that the haze would lift a little bit today. This weather makes me feel like I've washed down two Valium with a glass of bubbly.

Not that it's an unpleasant sensation, but it would be nice to be a little more awake. You'd think I would be after sleeping eleven hours last night.

To try to lift ourselves out of what I like to call the South of France Stupor, my mom and I are going on a little out-of-the-house expedition today, first to a museum or park or lake (or someplace) that apparently has a beautiful lotus flower garden (which I promise to take lots of pictures of), and then later on the the afternoon when the weather cools down a bit, we'll take a little stroll through Cannes, secretly hoping to spot a celebrity or two, although it isn't quite the right season.

But first it's time to see what our senses are up to!

Today I'm...

Delicious coconut sorbet after lunch. 
Just the right pick me up!

The faint scent of jasmine coming up from the garden.

The whitish haze covering the hills around Grasse

The cicadas grinding their little legs together in the trees.

My new pool read.
God I love trashy British fiction!
Utterly without an ounce of energy... in a good way!

What are your senses doing today?


littledaisymay said...

I love Six Senses Saturday :) Hope you're having a great day!

Delilah said...

I love it too!
and that coconut sorbet sounds realllly good!