July 16, 2010

"Fill Me Up!" Said Blank

Before I get to the glorious fact that it's Friday again, I wanted to mention that I added a video to yesterday's post, and for those of you who read it before I posted the video, and those of you who haven't read it yet, go watch it! It's very funny, and pretty much encapsulates my point. And Conaan O'Brien is in it too! That should be reason enough!


So, it's Friday again! Not that it really matters to me, since the days of the week don't mean anything when you're on vacation, but still, Fridays are special anyway. Plus I get to fill in some blanks! And who doesn't love to do that? :) Remember to go link up at Lauren's if you decide to play along!

1.  A very nostalgic place that reminds me of being a kid is      The playground of my elementary school. It's about 200 yards down the street from my mom's house, and sometimes I cut through it on my way to Harvard Sq, and even though they've changed all the playground structures (from toxic, splinter-giving cyanide treated wood - which is what I played on, yay! - to crappy personalityless plastic slides) and re-landscaped everything, it still reminds me so much of playing there at recess every day .

2.  If someone really wants to show me how much they love me     they could cook me a wonderful delicious meal, and not make me do the dishes after :) Or plan a really fun day-trip to somewhere new and exciting, and then be patient while I take a million pictures  .

3.  Lately I've been wondering a lot about    how difficult it's going to be to get back into the swing of studying next year  .

4.  When it comes to saving money I am     capable of doing it, but not great at it.  But I'm learning!

5.  I'd prefer     salty     over     sweet    any day! The thought of pigging out on sugar sweet desserts is enough to make me nauseated, but thinking of a delicious savory meal waiting to be devoured... yum!

6.  I wish I knew how to make    layouts and websites and other things you need to know HTML and CSS for.  Thank god for blogger and it's easy-to-modify layouts, or this blog would have been a blank page!

7.  I'm just waiting for     the day that I can stop living out of a suitcase, and unpack into my own apartment  .

And that's another Friday's worth of questions, all filled up. Time really flies, doesn't it? We're already in the second half of July!

This weekend Valerio is carting me off to an undisclosed location for a surprise weekend, and when I get back on Sunday the beach house will be full of people I've been waiting to see for a year! My cousin Valeria, and her new baby! Her husband, and mom and dad (my aunt and uncle). My other cousin with her husband and two adorable kids. My dad! And on Monday my mom gets in too! The next couple of weeks are going to be jam-packed with family, and I can't wait!

As for Six Senses Saturday tomorrow, I'll try to post it, but since I'm not sure where I'm going to be and if there will be internet, I can't promise anything.

Have a great weekend everyone! 
And don't forget to watch that funny video I was talking about!


Jamie said...

I soooooo agree with you on #5. Give me a rich, delicious meal over any type of dessert! Although I fear that does not bode well for my waistline.

Amanda said...

Happy weekend! :)

Sam said...

I wish I knew html too! i'm so happy blogger makes it so easy to mess with it, or i'd have a pretty ugly page. have a great weekend!

Lucia ♥ said...

I so love your answer to No.4 :) Made me smile big times! And I also would want to know everything about the HTML coding :/ It makes me so confused all the time, grrr :(

Have a nice weekend

Samantha said...

I couldn't agree more with your numbers 2 and 5. I do most of the cooking, but on the weekends, my husband usually grills AND sometimes he even does the dishes! I love it. The cheesecake recipe I just posted (thanks for commenting, by the way) is the first dessert I've made in a long time. I'd taste a good meal over something sweet any day!

Samantha said...

Oops, I mean "take" a good meal over something sweet anyday. I got a little carried away with the thought of eating... lol!

Nicole Bingham said...

Hey I'm new to this blogging thing, I loved reading your blog. I hope you will follow me and I will follow you!


Thanks, Nicole Mariana

leigh ashley said...

salty over sweet all the time!! :) have a wonderful weekend getaway!!

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

nice post!