June 16, 2010

Words I Love - Words I Loathe

My friend Becca hates the word moist.  I've actually met quite a few people who really can't stand that word in particular. I guess to some it has a erotically filthy connotation.

I don't mind it so much. Moist makes me think of a the perfect lemon poppy seed pound cake, or clothes drying on a line that aren't quite yet ready.

But there are certain words that evoke stronger reactions in me. Some I love, either because of the way they sound, or what they mean, or what the remind me of, and some I loathe, usually for the same kinds of reasons. Here are some of those.

 Which words do you love?
Which words do you loathe?


Bree said...

Ugh I hate the word phlegm too! I don't know why, I always just cringe thinking about it or hearing it..eww.
I haven't really thought too much about which words I love, but I do like 'serendipity'-and the movie is good too :)

Lisa said...

I dont like the word "mucus" or "regurgitate" and I dont care for the word wasps as I think its just awkward to say. I do like the word curmudgeon (I think I spelled that right?) it's just fun to say and the word whimsical.

Jen said...

Oh, I have a friend who convulses when she hears "moist."

I don't think I have any words that I hate. As a writer, I'm sorta fascinated by words, and I can't stand to hate any of them! They all of a use and a reason for being.

As for my fav words: quintessence and serendipity. Love those words, and I love what they mean too.

Erin said...

My best friend hates the word "moist" as well. I've never understood the aversion to it.

One of my favorite words is "naturlich". :-)

leigh ashley said...

i don't like the word moist either... gives me the willies. i do however love the word serendipity. :)

Melissa said...

What a clever post idea -- I just found your blog and am glad to now be following your posts! I love the words gesticulate and nugget. I hate the word "real" when a person actually means to say "really."