June 27, 2010

Six Senses Saturday on Sunday

So I royally failed at getting my Six Senses Saturday up yesterday. My mom and I had a busy day visiting the Royal Palace. And then I had dinner with friends. And went dancing. It was a long Saturday with literally zero time for blogging. I don't think I even checked my email yesterday! Gasp! So I'll just do what some people do anyway and move the Senses to Sunday.

No harm no foul.

Today we have another full day planned - so full in fact that we won't be able to do everything. I've managed to triple-book us between eleven and two, to see the Rastro, the Reina Sofia, and have lunch with some friends. I think we'll have to skip Rastro, see the Reina Sofia in two hours, and rush to a late lunch. Such is the life of a tourist with a timetable!

Today I'm...

An apple turnover that my mom went and got me from the bakery around the corner - yum! - 
and mandarin orange juice

That rainy city in the summer smell.

My mother doing all my ironing. I love my mommy! :)

My roommate and her mother and her aunt chattering like a bunch of birds.

My hair, which desperately needs to be brushed but actually looks kind of good all messy wavy.
Like all the walking around and eating out and drinking and bring out late is starting to catch up with me a bit! 
But I'll have plenty of time to rest by the pool in France. Now is the time to do it up!


Now I have to run along and get dressed otherwise we'll never get to do everything we have planned! Tomorrow and Tuesday I'll be in Granada, and I'm not sure if I'll have internet, but I'll try to find some because I have a little sugar for some of you!

How was your first weekend of Summer?


leigh ashley said...

wow, your mama sounds awesome!! :) have a fun week friend!!

leigh ashley said...

ps. i left an award for you on my blog today!!