June 20, 2010

Reasons My Daddy Is the Best Daddy In the World - The Obligatory Father's Day Post

Like I said, I hate to jump on the bandwagon. But I can't write the obligatory mother's day post and forget about the day for daddies. Unfortunately, I don't think I have a recent photo of him on my computer, so we're going back in time to my dad around age twelve or so.

My Dad, Tommaso, circa 1955
Doesn't he look like such a sassy little rascal?

My Daddy Is The Best Daddy

  • He raised us speaking Italian fluently.
  • He took us to Italy every year to visit our family at the beach house.
  • He taught us that the most important thing is to enrich your mind, and to use it.
  • And that the best thing you can do in life is to find a job where you do what you love, and you love what you do.
  • He introduced us to culinary "delicacies" such as fish-head soup - which I refuse to ever even look at again, but at least I'm not a finnicky eater!
  • Whenever something didn't work, he fixed it.
  • And instead of just fixing it for us, he taught us how to do it, so next time we wouldn't have to ask.
  • Anything you could possibly ever want or need - paper products, computer parts, a/v cables, books, movies, blank CDs, external hard drives, fountain pens, special screw drivers, unusually sized batteries, vintage toys - he not only has, but usually has many of, exactly for when someone needs it.
  • He instilled in us a love for non-fiction books.
  • He taught us the entire histories of greek and roman mythology over dinner.
  • He taught me how to drive stick.
  • And let me practice on his car when I forgot how.
  • He took us on crazy adventures through forests, sulfur pits, abandoned mental hospitals, and many other unusual (to say the least) places.
  • He taught us that knowledge is the most important thing you can have,
  • But that stuff (especially old stuff), is pretty fun to play with too.
  • Whenever we ask a question, he answers ten instead.
  • He took us line fishing on a rowboat.
  • And showed us how to catch an octopus with our bare hands.
  • He taught me how to windsurf.
  • And then pulled all the sea urchin spikes out of my foot when I fell off my windsurf.
  • He taught us how to properly use a computer, and circumvent the stupidity that is the Windows operating system
  • He would teach me to use linux, if I let him.
  • Last summer he spent weeks tutoring me in math, putting up with my dense moments, helping me raise my GRE math score by more than one hundred points.
  • In college he used to proofread my papers and email them back to me even at 2 am the night before they were due.
  • He taught me how to make gunpowder from scratch.
  • He helped me take apart my laptop completely, clean it, and put it back together. Three times. And it worked every time.
  • He has always encouraged me to follow my passions, and given me the support I need to make it happen.
  • He is a helpful father, a crazy uncle, and a mad professor, all rolled into one.
So much of what I know I is thanks to my father. I can't even count the number of times during my childhood when he said, "when you're older you'll thank me for this," and has been right about it. People tell me I have a bizarre ability to retain ridiculous amounts of little bits of unrelated encyclopedic knowledge, and it's all because of my dad. He has spent my entire life teaching me, something I truly appreciate, no matter how annoying it was in the moment to get the complete history of the Trojan war, when all I asked for were the dates.

Thanks, daddy! I love you!


LovelyBee said...

that is such a great father! You're lucky Julia :)

Melissa said...

Aw, what a heartwarming post!

leigh ashley said...

so sweet julia!! happy father's day to your daddy!