June 3, 2010

The Mathematics of My Worldly Possessions

After a delayed flight and a police roadblock on the way home from the airport, last night around 1:30 am I finally made it home to my beach house. This morning I woke up with barely a smidge of an idea of how much work I had in front of me in the next couple of days.

You see, these - aside from the growing amount of stuff I have in Madrid, and the few things I have back home - are all my worldly possessions:

Behind that stack of small brown boxes on the left, there's an identical stack of small brown boxes hiding behind there - all full of books.  This is everything from clothes to shoes to beauty stuff to hangers to home decor to novels to GRE prep books, and a lot of other stuff I didn't honestly remember I had until I came back here today and started sorting through it. It doesn't look like that much, but believe me, it's a lot of crap.

So far this morning I've added to this pile the stuff I had to bring back from Madrid (winter coats and boots and clothes I wont be using in the next month), and I've subtracted from the pile things I will need in the next month which I already have and don't want to buy again (sandals, summer dresses and stops, light-weight PJs, etc). But that was the easy part. Adding and subtracting, especially small quantities, was never the difficult part of math.

Now I have to do some division, which I never liked. I need to divide my stuff into three categories: things I can leave at the beach house permanently (like kitchen stuff, towels and sheets, and book - stuff that the house can get some use out of), stuff I need to bring back to the US with me for next year (like clothes, shoes, some books, toiletries, jewelry, purses, and winter accessories), and lastly (and most sadly), things I'll probably have to get rid of or give away (like old clothes and shoes, random house stuff, and old books).

The only thing I won't be doing to my stuff if multiplying, which sucks, because that's the best part! Multiplying my shoe collection by 1.5? Yes, please! Unfortunately, I can't do that - both for logistical and economic reasons. And I won't be doing any multiplying for a long while. Considering the massive amount grad school debt I'm going amass in the next couple of years, multiplying of any non-essential things is going to have to be kept to a minimum.


Well, I've taken a long enough break. Now I've got to get back to my division! Wish me luck!

What are some things you seems to accumulate no matter what?

For me it's shoes and books - two of my greatest pleasures! :)

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leigh ashley said...

we always seem to accumulate movies and books. we have books EVERYWHERE. our bathroom drawers are full of books, bedroom and spare room full of books. and we have too many movies to put on our shelf anymore. {sigh}

ps. i saw your guest post yesterday about the belts... i was SO excited when i saw it was you!! congrats!! :)

Keenie Beanie said...

Ah Julia, for us its books too, and it breaks my heart a little to hear you are going to have to pare your collection. My husband has books that have made 5 (and counting) overseas moves so far, and some of them are still living in the boxes they were packed in last (since we are doing a major remodel and they have no "home" in our home.) I hope you are only getting rid of irrelevant textbooks and such, rather than anything you truly enjoyed.

Good luck with the move!

Caro said...

Anything from the drugstore from shampoo to pepto-bismol, you can find at my place, I am terrible.

Des said...

There really is nothing like packing. And congratulations on your 200th post. That is a big accomplishment. Many never get close to that mark with their blogs.