June 30, 2010

Dear The World Is My Oyster,

Hey! How are you? It's been a while!

I'm so sorry that I've been neglecting you!

It's not that I like being on vacation more than I like blogging... except that I sort of do! After six months of long days working with loud children, no one can deny that I needed a little break. And after six months of not seeing Maman, we totally needed some quality mother daughter time.

And in the process I've lost the time (though not the will!) to blog.

But don't fret! I'm back from Granada and The Alhambra, I have eleventy billion photos to share in the mother of all Weekly(ish) Photos Essays, but today I can't. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll hunker down and upload all those pretty pictures and share everything I've done in the last three days. Or ten.

But right now I need to shower off the bus smell, get ready for dinner, and then go have adieu drinks with the lovely ladies from work.

See you tomorrow!


Mrs. Dontje said...

ohhh my heart aches. i would give a lot to be back at la alhambra. it is so beautiful!

Caro said...

Cant wait to see the pictures!