June 15, 2010

Apparently I'm a Better Assembly Line Than Printing Press

Contrary to what I previously thought, I am apparently not capable of copying the same thing over and over without bungling the job. I am, however, a pretty good and efficient at small-scale mass production of goods.

Let me backtrack a bit.

Next Wednesday is the last day of school, and I wanted to do something nice for the teachers I work with in infantil (the pre-school I work in). They have helped me so much with my Spanish in the last few months so I wanted to give them all cards and a little gift, to say thank you.

But you see, there are thirty of them. And those are only the teachers I have actually taught with (plus the director of the school). There are probably another fifteen pre-school teachers I've never taught with (it's a big school). So I couldn't really do anything extravagant. Just the thank you cards, even one euro a pop - I had to have them custom stamped since apparently thank you cards just aren't done in Spain, and are therefore impossible to find - set me back thirty euro (about forty bucks), which isn't a whole lot of money in itself, but the whole thank you card plus gift combo can start to get expensive when the recipients are numerous.

So I decided to make the gifts, something which fortunately comes a lot easier to me now that I've started dabbling in crafting (I'd probably have been screwed if I'd have to undertake this major giving of thanks at this time last year). So instead of buying crappy one or two euro trinkets (which would have still cost an additional thirty to sixty euro, bringing my total expenditure to between sixty and ninety euro, a little on the steep side for a bunch of thank you gifts I'm absolutely neither obligated not expected to give), I bought some black and white felt, fabric glue, and brooch pins, and got to work making dozens of little pins.

This part was surprisingly easy. As long as you cut all the felt ahead of time (which was quite an effort - each pin required six felt circles, and 6 x 32 = 192, so I cut out one hundred and ninety two felt circles by hand!), it's actually quite relaxing to sew and glue them up while enjoying back to back episodes of the West Wing.

Apparently, I make a pretty good assembly line. See for yourself!

Aren't all those little pins so cute all heaped together? Here they are individually,

And the cards and envelopes were adorable too. I went to this cute little stationery boutique in the center, Nest, and since I was ordering custom stamped cards, the girl let me pick out the stamps I wanted (from the limited selection they had) and design the card myself.

I love the little Russian nesting doll stamp. She's so happy!


But my writing on the cards is a different story (and I don't dare show you photos of all my crossed out words and scribbles!) I made grammatical errors, corrected them, found out they weren't actually errors, and corrected them again (this on four cards that I oh-so-smartly decided to write before getting my thank you message proof read by a Spanish speaker), I forgot words, wrote words twice, wrote on a slant. I even wrote in the wrong direction on the back of four of the cards! And I'm only half done! I don't even want to know what a mess I'll make of the fifteen cards I have left to write.

Copying the same message thirty times is not my strength. Especially on un-lined paper.

But I'll have to comfort myself with the fact that at least I can mass produce felt accessories in a limited amount of time.

p.s. Let me know in the comments if you're interested in seeing a tutorial for the pins. They're astoundingly easy to make!


leigh ashley said...

you just amaze me every time!! these are darling, julia!! :)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Aww those are adorable! And I'm the exact same way when I write cards- the harder I try to make it all perfect, the more mistakes I make.

Venassa said...

I am interested in the tutorial! Very cute. I would probably be the same way. I can write just fine in a card I buy at the store, but if I had to write a bunch, there would be mistakes everywhere.

Whitney said...

I love it all. You are so crafty. You need to live closer so we can have a craft party!