May 15, 2010

Six Senses Saturday

Hey folks! After a Hasty Blanks Friday, we're back for an even hastier Six Senses Saturday!

Like I said, Valerio is in town (Paolo ended up crashing with some other friends closer to the center, so I was left with only one house guest!), and we have lots to do today! But I didn't want to disappoint the special few of you who like to play along with  Six Senses Saturday, so while Valerio's doing the breakfast dishes - at 4 pm! :) - I thought I'd get in a quick post!

Right Now I'm...

The yummy breakfast sandwich I made, with eggs, sausages, and cheese on brown toast. 
Soon I'll be out the door tasting a delicious cafe con leche!

Burnt butter, coming from the kitchen!

A sunny day trying to force itself through some clouds. 
Come on, sunny day! You can do it!

On Fine Day, by the Chiffons.
Nothing like good oldies to get the day started right!

My iPod, trying to choose some more getting-dressed music

Rested (we slept for ten hours!), 
and anxious to start the San Isidro celebrations!

What are your senses doing today?

Have a great weekend!

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