May 8, 2010

Six Senses Saturday

It's Saturday again, my lovlies! Last night I went to a friend's party, and then tonight I'm going out again for another friend's birthday, so I'm in the midst of an intense weekend (I'm not used to going out Friday and Saturday anymore! I'm getting old! Damn you, 25!), but I'm still making time to see what all our senses are up to today! Play along and link up!

Right Now I'm...

Eggs and brown toast, a banana and a strawberry "milkshake" 
(frozen strawberries blended with milk - delicious!)

The orangey smell of my vitamin C water

A grey, hazy day outside my window.

Very annoying stomping coming from upstairs.
Which isn't helping my headache.

The grey sequin grecian tunic style dress I'm making
(it looks a lot better than it sounds)

Annoyed at the hide-and-seek game Spring is playing.

What are your senses doing today?


Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Erin said...

The dress actually sounds really great! Can't wait to see it! Your breakfast sounds much more wholesome than mine too, yum!